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Castelul lui Dracula

Dracula Re- Construit

~ Victoria Bates ~

It’s official. Literally and metaphorically, Dracula just won’t die. And it is not just in Transylvania that this enigmatic legend endures. Hitting every UK and US bestseller and ‘recommended reading’ list, from The New York Times to Richard and Judy, Elizabeth Kostova’s vampire novel The Historian ...

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E doar despre bani

~ Pauline Ketelaars ~

What do the people on the streets of Brasov think about Dracula’s Castle? What about the fact that it has been given back to Dominic von Habsburg, who wants to sell the castle again? I set off to the streets of Brasov to find out what the opinion of the locals is.

The majority of the peop ...

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Portretul unui mostenitor

~ Catalin Badea-Gheracostea ~

Archduke Dominic Habsburg was born in castle Sonnberg, in northern Austria. He was exiled from Romania by the Communist at the end of World War II, and fled to Switzerland, then moved to Argentina, and later to the United States. In the United States, he completed his studies and received h ...

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ultimele ştiri

Stingeti luminile pentru Planeta!

23 Mar 2009 - 11:34

~ Alexandra Szydlowska ~
The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) invites the citizens of Brasov to take part in their initiative ...

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Primavara poetilor

17 Mar 2009 - 09:35

~ Alexandra Szydlowska ~
The Libris Cultural Association, Libris Brasov bookshop and Union for Romanian Writers invites all m ...

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Seri simfonice

05 Mar 2009 - 07:54

~ Alexandra Szydlowska ~
Brasov’s Military Centre will be hosting a concert of symphonic music, performed by the Brasov Philh ...

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